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The impact of power, the desire for influence. The craving for recognition, the hunger for success. The challenge of leadership and the effects of competition. The fragility of trust. Complex interpersonal issues resting on simple human emotions. These are the business issues that we deal with.

What you see depends on where you look.


Leadership doesn’t develop on a chair in front of a PowerPoint presentation. It is a process of exploration and examination, challenge and stretch. Or at least that’s the way we do it.


We see how the increasing complexity that comes with success, growth, or resizing can destabilize high functioning teams, and how healthy competition can be transformed into a a corrosive political rivalry.


As psychologists, our coaches are particularly skilled at getting to the core of the issue. We use our psychological expertise to harness the power of relationships and behaviors to solve real business problems


We believe culture change is the foundation of organization development focused on growing, adaptive businesses, positioned to successfully achieve their desired outcomes.

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ORConsulting looks forward to working with you in helping you create the leaders that will propel your organization into the future.