About ORConsulting

Our Approach

People are people, not just resources

We don’t believe in quick fixes to whip an organization into shape. We believe that people know the answers to the problems they face; they just need to be asked the right questions. And we are very good at asking questions.

We start from the belief that everyone has a contribution to make and that people work best when they are excited and engaged by what they do.

Problems can arise in work relationships, and individuals can lose their way. This is evidence for human complexity. People have problems, but they also have potential.

As clinical psychologists, that’s how we see it.

Focus on Results

Our work is with behavior and relationships. These may seem intangible elements that are hard to measure. So how do we assess return on investment?

Our first step is to articulate expectations, clarify objectives, and describe success in a language everyone can understand. We won’t make unrealistic promises; we know that change can sometimes take time. So we keep it real, focusing on the achievable and the sustainable.

When a development program is underway, we monitor and test the outcomes. We have developed assessment tools to measure the program’s impact on an individual and assess how it translates into attitudes, behaviors, and business performance. (In fact, we have built a whole business, ORMultiView, to do just that.) These assessments are powerful and sophisticated. Overall, though, their findings demonstrate something that most of us know intuitively: that when people feel valued, they are happier. And when they are happier, they perform better.

For an independent assessment of our work, ask us for references from previous clients. Many have been working with us for over a decade, so they know us well.

Working with Us

When off-the-shelf won’t do.

You may be experiencing low-level problems that are holding your business back. You may be anticipating bumps in the road ahead. Or you may be mired deep in a full-blown crisis

Or you may simply be in need of an informed advisor, a supportive sounding board to give you feedback or to challenge you. Someone who won’t tell you what to do but where to look; someone to see clarity in the confusion and potential in the problems.

When the going gets tough

Clients who come to us are rarely looking for a straightforward training or development program. There’s usually much more at stake. Often they are operating in political or high-profile environments, or in sensitive interpersonal situations that require a high degree of discretion and impact. Their organizations are complex, and often dealing with first-of-a-kind challenges. The people they employ have brilliant minds and strong personalities; they demand development that stretches and stimulates.

In challenging situations like this, our clients trust us to bring empathy and sensitivity. To create an environment where people can be open with one another, so that even the toughest issues can be addressed. They know our development work will be engaging and unusual, routed in psychological research, not management fads. And they appreciate our business expertise, understanding that it enables us to work effectively with their most senior people and at the Board of Directors level.

Let's Work Together

ORConsulting looks forward to working with you in helping you create the leaders that will propel your organization into the future.

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