More Than a Leadership Model

Leadership models can be fascinating; they can describe behavior and aid understanding. They rarely facilitate change, though.

ORConsulting Approach

Leadership doesn’t develop on a chair in front of a PowerPoint presentation. It is a process of exploration and examination, challenge and stretch. Or at least that’s the way we do it.

It is a process of exploration and examination, challenge and stretch.

The best leaders are authentic leaders. And so, as clinical psychologists, we work with you to develop instincts and insights; to enhance your understanding of individual drives, group processes, and human performance. We invite you to challenge assumptions and preconceptions. We help you explore the different ways in which individuals see the world. To consider how best to engage with their values, so you can lead them as people, not as resources.

For leadership development to be successful, it needs to grow from the company, not be grafted onto it. Before we start working with you, we’ll help you clarify the kind of organization you want and the kind of leaders you need. Our work together may then take a variety of forms: from one-on-one coaching and small-scale experiential workshops, to technology-enhanced programs designed to transform the entire culture.

Let's Work Together

ORConsulting looks forward to working with you in helping you create the leaders that will propel your organization into the future.