no names, no logos

We know it’s important that you see the type of organizations with whom we have worked. It’s just that discretion is a key element in our relationships with clients.

We can tell you that we work throughout the world, usually at a senior level, with large FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 businesses. And we can tell you that we have experience across many sectors: defense, automotive and airline industries, banking, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, utilities, manufacturing, and government. Overall, though, our work is about people meeting complex challenges in a professional environment. Although there are many similarities in the issues they face, no two organizations are ever the same, which is why this work keeps us on our toes and you out of a pigeonhole. Although we won’t share our clients’ names, many of them would be happy to provide references. So please ask.

Let's Work Together

ORConsulting looks forward to working with you in helping you create the leaders that will propel your organization into the future.