Team Development

In teams, we see intense human dramas. We see the interplay between strong emotions, personalities, and agendas that, worked with effectively, can flourish and power a team forward. Or, if over-managed or ignored, can drain a group of energy, causing it to stagnate and become inwardly obsessed.

ORConsulting Approach

We see how the increasing complexity that comes with success, growth, or resizing can destabilize high functioning teams, and how healthy competition can be transformed into a a corrosive political rivalry. Our expertise as psychologists gets us to the heart of these issues, quickly and succinctly. We cut through the noise to empower your teams to do what they do best. Whether a group is newly formed, facing change, or experiencing difficulties, we create a safe and constructive environment where tough issues can be confronted, and complicated dynamics channeled to create cohesive, high-performing teams. Less

Let's Work Together

ORConsulting looks forward to working with you in helping you create the leaders that will propel your organization into the future.